Badshah Talks About Mundir Mafia Band And Said Honey Singh Was Self Centered

badshah honey singh fight: There was a time when the example of friendship between famous rapper Yo Yo Honey Singh and Badshah was given in the Punjabi industry. Together they formed a band called Mafia Mundir. Which became quite popular. This band gave many hit songs like ‘Khol Botal’, ‘Begani Naar Buri’ and ‘Dilli Ke Deewane’. Then in the year 2012, this band broke up. After which there was a rift in the friendship of both. Talking about it in a recent podcast, Badshah has revealed many secrets. He said that Honey Singh is self-centred. Those who used to pay attention only to their words. That’s why our band broke up.

rift in friendship after rift

The ‘Pani Pani’ fame singer told that, ‘Years ago there was a slight rift between me and Honey. Because at that time he used to work and was also afraid. Whereas Honey was also out of my radar then. When I called him like this, he did not pick up my phone. After this there was a rift between us and we could never come together again, yes if we were together then maybe things would have been very different now..’

Honey and Badshah’s first song came in the year 2011

Badshah also said that, ‘Me and Honey had made many such songs during that time which could never be released, because then Honey was self-centred and only focused on his career.’ Let us tell you that Badshah was associated with a band for the first time in the year 2006. Then after a lot of hard work, in 2011, his first song ‘Get Up Jawani’ came with Honey Singh. People have also liked this song very much.

Honey gets them to sign on blank papers – Badshah

Singer also disclosed during this time that, ‘We then explained a lot to Honey that we have also made so many songs, so you should think about them too, don’t just focus on yourself. On one hand, brothers say to us, But on the other hand our struggles were being ignored. Not only this, Honey had also made us sign on blank papers, so it was a very difficult time.

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