Bageshwar Dham: Complaint presented in the court against Pt. Dhirendra Shastri, alleging that the worshiper of Kalchuri community is rapist, evil and tyrannical

Bhupendra Bhadoria, Gwalior. A complaint has been filed in the court of Gwalior against Peethadhishwar Dhirendra Krishna Shastri of Bageshwar Dham, who is always in discussions and controversies with his statements, discourses. This time the issue is about comments made by Dhirendra Shastri in his discourses against the deity of Kalchuri community, Lord Sahastrabahu, who is called Sahastrabahu Arjuna. On which Advocate Anoop Shivhare has presented a complaint against Pandit Dhirendra Shastri in the court.

Dhirendra Krishna Shastri apologized: expressed regret on the statement made on Lord Sahastrabahu, said- I am sorry if someone’s feelings have been hurt

The complaint states that a video has been uploaded on social media by Dhirendra Shastri, in the video Dhirendra Shastri is calling Lord Sahastrabahu, the deity of Kalchuri community, a tyrant, rapist, and evil. Dhirendra Kumar Shastri has hurt the religious sentiments of every person of Kalchuri community by using derogatory words about their adorable Lord Sahastrabahu Arjuna.

Baba, statement and uproar: Pandit Dhirendra Shastri’s comment on Sahastrabahu, memorandum submitted by people of Haihayavansh, applications given in three police stations of the state for FIR

A notice was also sent on May 9 for defamation of Aaradhya Dev of Kalchuri community and hurting the sentiments of the people by uploading the video. But for not responding to the notice, this complaint has been presented in the district court of Gwalior. Now the matter will be heard on July 1.

Shastri had expressed regret on the statement made on Lord Sahastrabahu

Although some time ago there was a lot of ruckus about it. On the other hand, seeing the growing controversy, Pt. Dhirendra Shastri had also clarified about his statement and had also expressed regret. A tweet was made from the official Twitter handle of the Bageshwar Dham government, in which Dhirendra Shastri wrote that a topic has come to my notice for the last few days in the midst of a discussion about the war between Lord Parshuramji and Maharaj Sahastrabahu Arjunji. Whatever has been said has been said on the basis of what is described in our holy Hindu scriptures. Our aim was never to hurt the sentiments of any society or class, nor will it ever happen, because we have always been in favor of the unity of Sanatan. Nevertheless, if any of our words have hurt someone’s feelings, then we are sorry for it. We all Hindus are one. Will remain one. Our unity is our strength.

Dhirendra Krishna Shastri

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