Bargain for the future of poor children in CG: game of brokerage in Atmanand School, extortion in installments for admission, who is the kingpin of this scandal?

Laxmikant Bansod, Balod. Chhattisgarh Government has started Swami Atmanand English Medium School to provide free education to the poor children. Regarding which big claims were also made. But behind these claims, a big game is being played. The matter of transaction of money for the admission of children has come to the fore. In such a situation, now many types of questions have started arising.

Let us tell you that, in the name of admission of children in Swami Atmanand English Medium School located in Daundi of Balod district, a case of money transaction has come to the fore. Which is very shocking. Parents allege that they have given money to school peon Mohit Dhankar to get their children admitted to this school. Pune demanded 4-4 thousand rupees for admission of each child. Palak felt that their children’s future would be better if they studied in an English medium school. Not only this, audio recording of money transactions and evidence of money sent through online mode is also available with the parents.

According to the information, 6 parents gave money to the peon. Some gave 4 thousand as the first instalment, some gave 2 thousand and some gave 1500 to Pune. Not only this, Pune assured the parents by saying that he will get your children admitted through the principal of the school.

On the other hand, when the children did not get admission, the parents of Markatola village of Daundi development block made a written complaint to the development block education officer, district education officer and the collector, alleging collusion of higher officials with the peon in the matter and demanded investigation. Is. On the other hand, the accused Pune says that, I have taken money from the parents of the children for admission only at the behest of the principal. In this case, the principal has spoken of conspiring to defame Pune by terming the allegations as false.

Palak Shriram Sahu told that it is not the work of Pune alone. The involvement of the principal is also visible in the whole matter. Application has been made to the Collector. Action should be taken against the peon as well as the principal. So that the mistake doesn’t happen again. However, after the matter came to light, the investigation has been started by forming an investigation team. Questions are also being raised that Pune will not have the courage to carry out such a big incident without the support of any senior officer.

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