Barsatein Sony Liv App TV Show Spoiler Alert Reyansh Started Loving Aradhana A New Trouble Is Coming Up

Barsatein Spoiler Alert: The show Barsaatein has started recently, along with this the fans are liking the concept of the show and the lead pair of the show. This story of Reyansh and Aradhana is full of ups and downs. These days it is being shown in the show that Reyansh Lamba has fallen in love with a girl whom he did not like. Here Aradhana has no news about this. During this both Reyansh and Aradhana together got their best friends married against their parents. Now Aradhana’s parents are very upset with this. But is there a bigger trouble waiting for Aradhana?

Reyansh and Aradhana’s hearts will meet soon

At the mandap, when Aradhana’s parents saw their daughter supporting Pooja to such an extent, they became quite upset. Pooja has eloped and married Reyansh’s friend, in which Reyansh along with Aradhana has supported her. Now the special thing is that in the same way as the bride and groom were in the couple, Reyansh and Aradhana were also seen wearing similar dresses in order to twin their besties. In such a situation, the bell in Aradhana’s father’s mind will surely ring whether his daughter will also take a similar step?

Pooja’s parents forgive, but Aradhana’s parents?

Aradhana’s parents are very angry that children do this to their parents, so in the coming episodes, when Reyaansh and Aradhana’s closeness increases, will Aradhana’s father be able to accept this relationship? It is going to be very interesting to see this in the show.

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