Barsatein Spoiler Alert 24 July 2023 Aradhana And Ryesnsh Love Story Starts Twist Comes With Aru Mom Shocking Past

Aradhana And Ryesnsh Love Story Starts: Aradhana and Reyansh get their friends married together, but Reyansh is stuck in love with Aradhana. Yes, Reyansh is not aware of this in the show yet. But soon Reyansh will know about his heart. While Aradhana has already angered her parents, what will happen now when Aradhana will fall in love?

Reyansh falls in love with Aradhana
Reyansh is happy with Aradhana. In such a situation, he does not yet realize that he has fallen in love. When he talks to his friend about this, he will come to know why being in front of Aradhana gives him relief. He will also tell Aradhana about this, but Aradhana will not be able to understand. Because he will not have any expectation.

Till now it was shown in the show that when Aradhana helped Pooja escape and got her married to Reyansh’s friend, Aradhana’s parents had reached the temple along with Pooja’s parents. Although later Pooja’s parents forgave both the girls and accepted the groom too, but Aradhana’s parents were seen overreacting. In such a situation, what is the reason for the anger of Aradhana’s parents, this is a big twist in the story.

The truth came out from the mouth of Aradhana’s father?
It was also shown in the show that Aradhana’s father Harsh had said a bitter line about her mother in the temple, in such a situation, Aradhana’s mother got angry at Harsh and silenced her. Then he left from there leaving Aradhana alone. Then Aradhana was surprised to see there that these are the same parents who used to protect her so much and suddenly they changed.

What is the reason that Aradhana’s parents are behaving like this with her. In such a situation, there are speculations about the upcoming episodes that Aradhana may not be his real daughter. Aradhana’s mother should be someone else. There is some bitter truth of Aradhana’s mother which is yet to come in front of everyone.

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