Bhilai’s player Amit Singh’s name entered in the International Book of World Records, did 52 pushups in 30 seconds

Bhilai. Amit Singh, son of Vijay Singh, resident of Housing Board Kailash Nagar, has registered his name in the International Book of World Records. Amit Singh has created a new record by breaking the record of 46 pushups in 30 seconds made last year. In which he has hit 52 pushups in 30 seconds. There is a wave of happiness in the family due to this achievement of Amit Singh.

Amit became the first Indian to achieve this record. Many records are registered in the name of Amit Singh. Earlier, Amit Singh had registered the record of dying the maximum number of 84 pushups in 1 minute in the Indian Book of World Records last year. Gold Medalist in Armwrestling, as well as Most Pushups in One Time by hitting 183 pushups in a match held in Gwalior, Amit has achieved all these achievements by his own efforts without any special training without any help. Amit said that if the government cooperates, then Chhattisgarh will be honored by bringing medals in the Olympics as well.

Dream is to bring Olympic medal

Amit told that he has reached this point without anyone’s help. But Amit wants to make the country proud by playing in the Olympics and bringing a medal. For which the government has appealed for help.

Learn about pushups

Pushups are an exercise. In which all the muscles of the body become strong. By doing pushups, the upper part of the body becomes strong, as well as body tone, but it is definitely a bit difficult to do pushups. Let me tell you that not every person can do it easily. Along with this, it is also very important to do it in the right way to get all the benefits of pushups exercise. Pushups can be done in many ways. If you are a beginner, then you can do it in a simple way.

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