Bhopal News: The miscreants took the pickup driver hostage and roamed the city for 8 hours, looted a dog from a businessman, smuggler arrested with 28 cases of liquor

Shabbir Ahmed / Ajay Sharma, Bhopal. In Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh (Madhya Pradesh), the morale of miscreants is high. Four robbers held the pickup driver hostage at gunpoint near Khajuri 11 Mill Bypass and drove him around the city for several hours. The accused also robbed a pet dog from a businessman on Union Carbide Road in Gautam Nagar area. After this, the miscreants also withdrew Rs 6,000 from the SBI ATM of the driver from Roshanpura intersection.

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After committing the robbery, the miscreants roamed freely in the city for 8 hours. The miscreants also got petrol poured on Jinsi. Later, leaving the driver with the pickup in the Bairagarh area, they thrashed him and then fled in a magic vehicle towards Bhopal. Frightened by the assault and abduction of the miscreants, the driver Shubham went straight to the Khajuri police station and narrated the entire incident. At present, the police have started searching for the accused.

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Excise Department’s big action

The Excise Department has arrested a smuggler with 28 cases of liquor from BHL Barkheda Pathani in Bhopal. 18 planes and 10 cases of Goan wine have been seized from the smuggler. Whose 1 lakh 25 thousand rupees is being told. Excise Controller Rajendra Mori and his team took this action. The Excise Department will soon make a big disclosure regarding the smuggler.

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