Big accident averted: Young man swinging on power line to escape from police, VIDEO went viral

Indrapal Singh Itarsi (Narmadapuram) To escape from the police in Itarsi in Madhya Pradesh’s Narmadapuram district, the accused climbed an electric pole and only dangled on the line. When the incident was informed to the electricity officer, he switched off the electricity in that area. Because of this a major accident was averted. If the electric needle was not stopped in time, then the young man’s life could have been lost due to electrocution.

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Actually, the youth who had climbed on the power line was an accused in the case of mobile theft in the train. To escape from the police, the accused climbed on the power line. This whole matter is in front of St. Joseph’s Convent School, Itarsi. The video is becoming fiercely viral on social media.

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According to the information, the accused youth steals mobile in the train, when the GRP police reached to arrest him, the high voltage drama of the youth was witnessed. The young man climbed on the electric pole. When the police tried to take him down, the youth hanged himself on the cable line. The drama of the young man went on for about 15 to 20 minutes and the police barely brought down the accused youth.

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