Big action of Bilaspur police on online betting: 10 lakh cash seized from 4 accused, Rs 12 crore 30 lakh seized… 600 VIP numbers will be deactivated

CG CRIME NEWS : Raipur / Bilaspur. Bilaspur police has taken major action on Mahadev, Anna Reddy and online betting. Police arrested 4 accused and seized 10 lakh cash from them. 30 pieces of mobile phones, 10 laptops and 10 ATMs have also been seized from the accused. 12 crore 30 lakh rupees have been seized by holding more than 275 accounts.

The accused along with the bank employees used to open fake bank accounts in the name of people on the pretext of trading. Used to use these accounts for online betting. 24 such accounts were identified. To activate UPI in these fake accounts, they used to link fake SIM accounts with some mobile shop owners. 600 VIP mobile numbers related to Mahadev app platform have been identified, which will be deactivated.

arrested accused

  • 1.- Rajat Jain father Amarchand Jain age 27 years resident Bangalore
    2 Kshitij Bhardwaj father Rakesh Bhardwaj age 20 years Sakin Sarkanda Bilaspur
  • 3 Bobby Jaghav Father Toran Jadhav Age 28 Years Sakin Civil Line Bilaspur
  • 4 Kartik Vishwakarma father Jagdish Vishwakarma age 19 years Sakin Sarkanda Bilaspur

confiscated property

  • Rs 10 lakh cash
  • 30 nos mobile phone
  • 10 Nos Laptop
  • 10 Nos ATM
  • 5.- Rs 12 crore 30 lakh seized in bank account.

On the instructions of Superintendent of Police Bilaspur Santosh Singh, action is being taken on the online betting platform under the guidance of Additional Superintendent of Police Rajendra Jaiswal City Superintendent of Police Sandeep Kumar Patel (BHP). In the same sequence, a transaction of more than 50 crores was done by opening a fake bank account in the crime registered in Thana Tarbahar. In the course of investigation of the said crime, it became clear that the bank accounts used in the incident were used in online Satta Mahadev Book, Reddy Anna to play online Satta.

To open a fake bank account, Sarthak and Kshitij school college students used to get their acquaintances to open fake bank accounts on the pretext of share trading. Banks used to provide id password, UPID, card etc. used in money transactions. The role of employees of Yes Bank, Axis Bank, ICICI, HDFC, IDFC has been found in opening bank accounts.

The mobile number registered in the bank account does not belong to the account holder, at the behest of Chitij, the fake mobile number has been registered in the account, due to which those who play online betting in online banking and UPI transactions can make money transactions. I didn’t have any kind of problem. While updating the mobile sim in the shops where mobile sims are sold, instead of once, the fingerprint scanner was done again and fake sim cards were activated by taking photographs twice. Used to sell the said SIM card at expensive prices to those who feed online waiting betting. Such mobile shop owners have been identified and arrested in Bilaspur.

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