Big blow to Congress in election year in MP: Dewas district panchayat president joined BJP, CM got membership, accused of demanding 50 lakhs in party fund

Pradeep Thakur, Dewas. The Congress (MP Congress) has suffered a major setback in the election year in Madhya Pradesh. Dewas District Panchayat President Lilabai Ataria has joined the BJP. On Friday, in front of the Chief Minister, she joined BJP along with her husband Bherulal Ataria in Bhopal. On Saturday, District Panchayat President Leela along with husband Bherulal reached the residence of MLA Gayatri Raje Pawar (MLA Gaytri raje), where the president and her husband were welcomed. After that reached the BJP office from there and discussed with the media along with her husband.

Talking to the media said that I do not want to talk about anything old. I spoke what I was taught at that time. On the allegation of taking money, said that I have not taken even a single rupee. I was not being respected at all in the Congress party, I was being harassed, I want to develop. I have left Congress for the sake of development. Have come with BJP, will develop.

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During this, Lilabai’s husband Bherulal Ataria made several serious allegations against the former minister and the party. Said- Congress took 50 lakh rupees from us in the name of party fund. I was not told where the money was given. Former minister Sajjan Singh Verma did not even make me a legislator representative to sit with my wife. Not only this, he said that he used to feel troubled when he went to our Sonkach area. They also threatened to kill my son if he went to the area.

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He said that today there is talk of development. In the rule of BJP, there is talk of national interest. There are many things in Modi.
There is talk of respect for women. I have seen that BJP is doing public welfare work. Talking about the development of the society. Inspired by all these, we have joined the BJP. The ideas were not matching in the Congress party, it showed that the future is not bright here. Not only this, he also said that if the party gives ticket, I will contest the election.

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Congress President Manoj Rajani said that all the allegations are baseless regarding the joining of the District Panchayat President and her husband in the BJP and the allegation. He had to contest elections. The BJP has lured him into the party. My best wishes are with him. Now they will also get bungalow, gunman and all other facilities.

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