BIG BREAKING: The ban on the recruitment process of 14 thousand teachers and lecturers was lifted, the High Court gave these instructions to the state government

Virendra Gahwai, Bilaspur. The High Court has lifted the ban issued earlier regarding the recruitment process of 14 thousand teachers and lecturers in the state. The state government has been given permission to start the further process. Along with this, the court has also directed to reserve 5 posts for 5 petitioners.

Let us tell you that Ved Prakash and others have filed a petition in the High Court saying that the Chhattisgarh government had issued an advertisement on May 4, 2023, for the recruitment of four thousand 659 posts of T cadre of teachers and one thousand 113 posts of E cadre. In which applications were invited for the post of teacher.

Provision has been made to give bonus marks to the guest teachers, while nothing has been clearly said in this regard in the rules. Regarding which the petitioners said that, it has not been clarified in the advertisement as to how many posts will be recruited for the teacher of which subject. The advertisement has been issued contrary to the Promotion and Service Recruitment Rules. Separate posts were to be issued for all the subjects like English, Mathematics, Sanskrit etc.

In this case, Advocate General Satishchandra Verma and Deputy Advocate General Sandeep Dubey represented on behalf of the government. During the hearing of the case, he told the court that necessary amendments have been made in the rules. Rules have been made for assistant teachers and teachers. The cabinet has decided to give bonus marks to the guest teachers.

This is also the decision of the Supreme Court, the state government can take decisions. After the response of the government, the High Court has removed the ban on the recruitment process.

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