Bigg Boss 7 Fame Ajaz Khan Shared His Horrible 26 Months In Jail Said He Used To Eat Dal With Rats | human sheep

Ajaz Khan On His Jail Days: Actor Ejaz Khan, arrested in the drug case, came out of jail on bail on 19 June. Ejaz Khan, a contestant of Bigg Boss 7, shared his heart-wrenching experience of being in jail for 26 months during a press conference. During this, Ejaz described it as a painful experience and shared everything that he went through and also told what he ate in jail. After coming out of jail, Ejaz had told that he had gone into depression after seeing the situation there.

Ejaz Khan told the pain of 26 months spent in jail
Talking about the 26 months spent in jail, Ejaz said that these two years were very difficult for me. I told the truth and because of this my own people distanced themselves from me. I lived without my family for 26 months, my father’s health was very bad. I thank God that he kept me alive for my family and gave me the courage to fight against those circumstances.

There were only 3 toilets for 400 prisoners.
Ijaz says that there were only three toilets for 400 prisoners in the jail and they were always full. Ijaz further said, “I read a lot of books inside the jail, I learned a lot there. I realized the value of every grain and vegetable. When I stayed there with those prisoners and gangsters, they taught me the importance of life. I used to eat those dry rotis and rice like stone. Rats used to come out in pulses, pulses with worms were available. Today if someone gives me even a little bit, I will eat it happily.

Ejaz Khan does not want to fight the system
Eijaz further says, “This phase showed me the people who were mine and who supported me in difficult times. That’s why I made friends in these circumstances as well. Many of the people I trusted abandoned me while some supported me and my family. I don’t know why I went to jail. I was returning from the airport and some officials came and took me to the police station for questioning and in no time I was put in jail. I don’t want to fight the system and want to take care of my family.

Ejaz Khan sought work from the industry
Eijaz also requested the industry to give him work. Eijaz said, “I am requesting the industry to please give me a good job. I have my own family which I have to take care of. I am an actor so please watch it. Shahrukh Bhai’s son was also interfered in a case and now he is out. I don’t want to name because I am still banned under the Supreme Court order. I will follow their law. All I want to say is that everything has changed and I want to work.

Prisoners used to sleep like sheep in jail
Eijaz further says, “I supported my fraternity friends inside the jail and helped them with food and basic needs. Be it Aryan, Armaan Kohli or Raj Kundra. It is the most crowded prison in the world. People sleep like sheep and goats. More than 3000 prisoners are crammed in the jails there with a capacity of 800 prisoners.

Ejaz thanked Mika and Randeep Hooda
Ejaz further explains, “Mika Singh took care of my family, he kept calling my family and helping them. Randeep Hooda also helped my family when it was in need. I am very grateful to him for taking care of my family in my absence.

It took 1 month to accept normal life
Ejaz says, “It took me a month to accept normal life. I could not understand how to eat good food or how to bathe in a clean bathroom. In jail I used to eat dal and dry breads with rats and insects so I was trying to accept this life again. I had to sleep on the floor with those insects and only a sheet. Ejaz further says, “The most challenging task in these two years was to stay alive. In those circumstances, I had to stay alive in jail. It was not easy but I had to come out alive for my family and those who prayed for me. Jail taught me to be happy even with minimum facilities.

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