Bigg Boss OTT 2 Akanksha Puri Clear The Matter About Lip Lock With Jad Hadidi In The House During The Task

Bigg Boss OTT 2 Latest Episode: Akanksha Puri and JD Hadid lip-locked each other for the task without any hesitation in front of multiple cameras in Bigg Boss house. In such a situation, there was a ruckus on social media regarding this matter. Now that Akanksha Puri has been evicted from Salman Khan’s show. In such a situation, after coming out, he has given clarification on his situation. So on the other hand, JD had raised a question on the way of kissing Akanksha, on which Akanksha has replied.

What did Akanksha Puri say on kissing JD
During a task, when Abhishek gave a task to Akanksha and JD Hadid that they have to kiss each other for 30 seconds, at first everyone thought that Akanksha would give up. But he accepted the challenge and kissed JD for 30 seconds. Later, JD also made fun of him by calling him a bad kisser.

Now on this, Akanksha Puri has presented her clarification after coming out of the house. She has said that she can do anything to win the task. Seeing this as a sports spirit, Akanksha said that she was doing what was in demand at that time. She does the same during the shooting as well. Akanksha said that she saw it only as a task.

JD calls Akanksha ‘bad kisser’ after lip lock
After coming out of the house, Akanksha has also clarified that how can she call him a bad kisser. Akanksha said that she has neither a husband nor a boyfriend who kisses and feels the way she does. Akanksha insisted that she was only doing her task.

Salman Khan had organized Akanksha and JD’s class
Although Salman Khan was very upset with Akanksha and JD. At that time, he had also scolded Abhishek for giving him such a task. Salman had asked him whether Akanksha had done this before. He agreed to this, while JD said that this was his first time.

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