Bigg Boss OTT 2 Contestants Surviving With Short Of Currency Here Is How Pooja Bhatt Blast On Palak Purswani

Contestants Suffering From Short Of Currency In Bigg Boss House: Now the atmosphere in Bigg Boss house is going to change, in such a new episode it will be seen that Bigg Boss will create a new challenge for the contestants in which the contestants will have to survive.

All the currencies of the contestants have been merged into one. In such a situation, now it is the turn of ration. Similarly, the budget is tight at home, there is a shortage of currency. So how will everyone’s favorite ration come? This is going to be the biggest question of the day. Now during this time there will be a debate inside the house as to whose favorite food and product will come under the ration. All the members of the house will overlap each other and say that such and such product is very important for them, it must come. So someone will call that product unnecessary during this time.

Pooja Bhatt’s dominance seen in the house?

The real fight will happen when Pooja Bhatt and Palak will be heard in the show. Now most people will be seen refusing for non-veg. But Cyrus will say that this is a need for him, without it he will die. Then there will be the demand of Palak that she will ask for coffee. Now only one of both non-veg or coffee can come. In such a situation, Pooja will record her voice and say that there is nutrition in non-veg, not in coffee. On this, Palak will say that coffee is necessary for her. Now during this both of them will be seen arguing. Let me tell you, now the budget of the house has become tight, in the show Bigg Boss has mixed everyone’s currency together, so that now no one has any currency. Everyone has the same currency bank

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