Bigg Boss Ott 2 Ex Contestant Falaq Naaz Reaction On Sister Shafaq Naaz And Avinash Sachdev Past Relationship | Falaq Naaz reacted to the relationship between sister Shafaq and Avinash, said

Falaq Naaz Reaction on Sister Relationship: Falak Naaz, who appeared in Bigg Boss OTT 2, is now out of the house. Ever since coming out of the house, she has been in news continuously. Inside the house, actor Avinash Sachdeva shared his feeling with Falak. Avinash had said that he likes Falak. However, Falak respected their feeling and limited it to friendship only.

Meanwhile, news also came that Falak’s sister Shafaq was in a relationship with actor Avinash. This affair of Avinash and Shafak was for a short time. Now Falak has come out of the house and reacted to all these news.

Falak Naaz reacted

Talking to Times of India, Falak said, ‘Yes, I came to know about this news after coming out of the house. I was a little surprised that why suddenly this news came to the fore. And I was not aware of it. No problem…we are mature enough to handle this kind of situation.

This news came as it came, whatever it came. I didn’t get a chance to talk to Shafak and I don’t think this topic needs to be given so much importance. I am not going to give importance to it because something or the other happens to everyone in life, at every age. Maturity level is different in every age. ,

He further said, ‘I think this is a very old topic. I don’t know how effective it is now. I would not like to comment on that about which I do not know completely. Only those two people who were involved can tell on this topic. When I talk to both of them, I will be clear what is the matter. Then we will see how and what. It would be nonsense to comment now.

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