Bigg Boss OTT 2 Falaq Naaz Gets Emotional Recalling Time When Sheezan Khan In Jail Tunisha Sharma Death Case | BB OTT2: When Sheejan Khan was jailed after Tunisha’s death, sister Falak started crying remembering the difficult times, said

Bigg Boss OTT2: Tremendous twists and turns are being seen in Bigg Boss OTT 2. It hasn’t even been two weeks since the show started and 3 contestants have been evicted from the house. Friendship bond is also being seen in the show. Apart from this, some emotional moments were also captured in the camera.

Falak Naz’s eyes shed tears

In Tuesday’s episode, Falak Naaz was seen getting emotional while talking about her brother Sheejan with Pooja Bhatt. He told how difficult it was for his family when his brother was in jail. Also, Falak told that after Tunisha’s death, he is now afraid to get attached to people.

‘Who Would Stand Up for My Family?’

Falak says, ‘How can I take this credit for standing with my family. If not me then who would be there? Who would have stood up for my brother and my mother? I had to stand up. If you are not loyal to your family, then you cannot be loyal to anyone. It is very difficult to describe the difficult times it was. My younger brother Shabbi used to remember Sheejan day and night. We were not able to tell him when your brother would come. We took him to jail to meet Sheejan. I could not go. Because I did not have the courage to face Sheejan. Both were standing in front of each other and Shabbi was continuously crying and asking when will you come back. (While speaking this, Falak becomes emotional and starts crying.)

Falak further said, ‘Only I know how I have handled it. We are afraid…we are afraid of attachment. Now we cannot even suggest a doctor to anyone, we are scared. Where has humanity died? People say that I have come to clean the image of my family. I don’t need to clean anyone’s image, when nothing has happened… whatever it is, it will remain the same…’

Apart from this, Falak said, ‘Not a single day passed when I did not feel hurt… I did not feel pain remembering that day.’ After hearing all this, Pooja Bhatt pacifies Falak and praises him for handling all this very bravely.

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