Bigg Boss OTT 2 Falaq Naaz Open Up In Front Of Salman Khan About Sheezan Khan On Stage Actress Talked About Tunisha Sharma Death

Falaq Naaz Talk About Tunisha Sharma Death: Falak Naaz has reached Bigg Boss OTT 2. Falak Naaz was looking very beautiful during her entry. She looked a bit nervous in front of Salman Khan. But when the family came to send him inside the house on stage, a lot of relief was seen on his face. Before his entry in the house, Falak Naaz also talked about some things with Salman Khan, in which he also talked about Tunisha Sharma and his brother Sheejan Khan.

Falak Naz’s spilled pain, said – after this incident his identity had changed

Falak Naaz told that she is an actress. Has done many TV serials. But after 24 December his identity had changed. She came to be known only as Sheejan’s sister. He said that after this people also changed for him.

What did Falak Naaz say on Tunisha Sharma

While regretting the death of Tunisha Sharma, Falak Naaz said that the time was such that he did not even get a chance to feel that moment. He told that those times had become very cruel for him. Falak said- ‘We still feel for the life that was lost, me and my mom cry, I would say that it was unfortunate that we were not even given a chance to feel that loss. It was a very difficult situation. But now we are healing.

Pooja Bhatt, sitting in the jury panel, appreciated Falak during this. Pooja said, ‘I had seen your interview when this incident happened. I salute you that the way you defended your brother was amazing.

ready-to-move panels

Falak said that she is gearing up to go into the house. She also told that when it comes to working in the house, she would choose cleaning or other work. But would not like to cook. He told that the reason behind this is that she cooks food very well. The public had placed Falak on the 9th rank, along with this he had received 30 thousand currency on the basis of the rank. But the jury thought it better to change their ranking. Along with this, Jury Sandeep changed his rank to number 4 during this time and along with this, he was given 1 lakh 5 thousand currency to spend in Bigg Boss.

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