Bigg Boss OTT 2 Jad Hadid Love Dish Wash For Akanksha Puri In Bigg Boss House A Gentleman From Dubai Loving The TV Actress

Bigg Boss OTT 2: In every season of the reality show Bigg Boss, many couples have been formed. This time also there are chances of a pair being formed in the show. We are talking about Akanksha Puri and JD Hadid. Ever since Bigg Boss started, from Day One, Manisha Rani has been seen following and following JD Hadid. But JD kept distance from him. But now JD Hadid’s heart seems to be going out of control, that too for Akanksha.

Babu of Dubai lost his heart on Akanksha Puri?
Manisha Rani, who has been expressing her love for JD till now in the show, gave a lot of entertainment to the fans. But JD meanwhile drew a line. JD told Manisha many times that she should not do this. Not only this, JD even called her sister on the show, but Manisha stopped him from saying so. After this, during the process of nominations, everyone was shocked when Manisha was nominated by JD on the fact that she gets a little annoying. Even after this, Manisha was seen saying that whatever JD does, she will not agree.

Is any khichdi being cooked?

However, Manisha also made it clear that whatever she is doing in front of the camera, she is doing it for entertainment only. During this, Manisha also taught JD to speak Babu. Now JD has liked Akanksha Puri. However, he had shared this with Manisha and there has been a lot of chit chat in the group about Akanksha that JD and Akanksha would look great together. In such a situation, JD has now made up his mind that he will pacify Akanksha?

A new promo has come out from Big Boss in which Akanksha is seen in the kitchen area, where JD also comes. JD tells that he will sweep, his utensils are also lying there. In such a situation, Akanksha comes to him and laughs, first clean the utensils. Seeing this cute video, Bigg Boss fans are also telling that something interesting will definitely be seen in future.

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