Bigg Boss OTT 2 Krushna Abhishek Taunt Govinda Mama In Front Of Salman Khan On Weekend Ka Vaar Read Here

Krushna Abhishek Taunts Govinda On BB OTT2: Every day something or the other happens in the audience’s favorite controversial reality show Bigg Boss, seeing and hearing which fans’ eyes widen and ears perk up. Something similar has happened in the recent Weekend Ka Vaar.

Krishna came to perform again in front of Salman Khan
In Weekend Ka Vaar, Salman Khan was hosting standing on the stage, conducting classes for the contestants sitting at home, when Krushna Abhishek made a grand entry on the stage. Talented Krishna appeared this time as Mithun Chakraborty as a disco dancer. Along with 2 beauties and a young man were also brought, with whom he was seen trying to dance on Mithun Da’s song, but then wrong songs started playing from behind. When Mithun Da’s song Disco Dancer was played, then Krishna went on stage and agreed to perform further, otherwise he got stuck.

Krishna taunts his maternal uncle?
Now after the completion of the dance, the background dancers accompanying Krishna asked for their fees, but Krishna, who became Mithun, refused to pay the money. The boy said sir money? So Krishna said yes, give it. On this, Krishna said ‘ give, you are not who you are’. On this the boy said- ‘Dada, I am your nephew.’ In such a situation, Krishna says in Abhishek Mithun’s getup- ‘Our maternal uncles do not talk to nephews here’. Hearing this, everyone started clapping. Whereas Salman could not say anything.

Krishna and Govinda are at loggerheads
Krishna and Govinda professionally encourage each other a lot, but some time ago their relationship seemed to be deteriorating due to family disputes. In such a situation, a lot of headlines started being made in the media regarding the relationship between maternal uncle and nephew.

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