Bigg Boss OTT 2 Lip Lock With Jad Hadid Make Akanksha Puri Uncomfortable Actress Break Silence

Jad Hadid And Akanksha Puri Lip Lock: Akanksha Puri, who lip-locked in front of the cameras with JD Hadid, is currently in the limelight on social media. Recently, on the show, JD grabbed Akanksha’s waist, which was caught on camera, this video went viral, after which fans were seen saying that Akanksha was seen to be uncomfortable, now what does Akanksha have to say on this lip lock? ?

Akanksha Puri breaks silence on lip-locking with JD

Akanksha Puri’s reaction has come to the fore regarding lip-locking with JD Hadid. Till now Akanksha had maintained silence in this matter, while JD had reacted. Akanksha bad kissed them. And now Akanksha has broken her silence. Akanksha says that she felt very uncomfortable while locking lips with JD.

The daring task was given in the show

During a task in Bigg Boss house, Akanksha and Hadid were given this task, which both of them completed. During this, the housemates kept counting the duration of the kiss for the entire 30 seconds. While JD called Akanksha a bad kisser, in the latest episode, Akanksha was seen talking about her kiss and expectations with JD Hadid.

Akanksha spoke on lip lock with JD

She told that she was in a very uncomfortable zone. She said- I wanted JD to understand that I am an Indian female artist. That kiss was arranged for him. I was thinking that he would come to me and talk to me. He would talk about that whole situation. Communication is very important thing.

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