Bigg Boss OTT 2 Pooja Bhatt Blast For Coffee On Palak Purswani Have All The Rights To Decide To Buy Ration With Currency Or Bail To Friend Akanksha

Palak Pursawani On BB Ott 2: When Palak Purswani came to Bigg Boss house, she had nothing (currency), but now Bigg Boss has given her a big responsibility. Akanksha is currently in jail in the show. Both Palak and Akanksha became good friends inside the house. Now Bigg Boss gave 30 thousand currency to Palak. After which he said that he leaves the decision on Palak whether she will bring ration to the house with this money or will she take out Akanksha Puri sitting inside the jail?

What will be Palak’s decision?
This task of Bigg Boss was troubling everyone. The rest of the housemates are now seen convincing Palak on one side of the show that she should face the house with this currency, while Palak’s heart is seen saying that she should get Akanksha out of jail, because she too is inside the jail in such heat. Can’t stay

Falak Naz will count the shortage of ration

Now during this time Palak was seen counting the items of ration to Palak that what is there in the house and what is not there. Regarding potatoes, tomatoes and onions, she was seen saying that everything is over in the house. How will it work in such a situation? On the other hand, Pooja Bhatt was also seen reacting after hearing that Palak is working with her heart and not with her mind.

Meanwhile, inside the house, Palak came under everyone’s pressure and announced to take ration of 30 thousand instead of choosing Akanksha. Akanksha, sitting in the same jail, appreciated Palak’s decision, although Aaliya was seen saying during this time that there was a lot of food left in the house, if we have come here to survive, then Akanksha could have been thrown out. But meanwhile, Akanksha said that no, Palak took a good decision.

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