Bigg Boss OTT 2 Written Update 19 July 2023 Elvish Yadav Having Tanashahi On Bigg Boss Affects Avinash Sachdeva

Elvish Yadav Having Tanashahi On Bigg Boss: Elvish Yadav looked very happy in Bigg Boss house today i.e. on Wednesday, 19th July. The reason was that Bigg Boss gave a special power to Elvish. Elvish got a chance to rule the house. In such a situation, Elvish was seen showing his dictatorship today.

Dictator Elvish’s control remained inside the house

Bigg Boss has blessed Elvish with a special kind of power in which he can make any member of the house do the work he wants. After this, the captaincy task also took place in the house, in which Elvish got into a heated argument with Jia Shankar and Abhishek Malhan. Here, Falak Naz was seen using Ashika as a pawn, she said filling her ears – she too could have become a dictator, on this Ashika said so what if Elvis is also our own.

Elvish warns the family?

Today, when Elvish got a chance, he was seen taking good news of the family members. Elvish was seen pointing fingers at everyone. He narrated a lot from Jiya Shankar to Bebika and during this they also had a debate. Elvish first dictated with the vane. He got Falak earplugged and then said say – Avinash loose. On this he refused to say so. Then Elvish told that Jiya is a big snake in the house. Then Elvish made Jia his target. He asked Jiya for a glass of water. In such a situation, Jia put soap in that glass to take revenge. He shared this thing with Avinash. After this there is an uproar in the house, first Jiya denied that she had not done so. Then later Jiya became Akdu. Meanwhile, Elvish got angry. Jiya said on this that do not go to the parents. What has become so big.

Elvish targets Anivash

Elvish gave a task to Avinash that he should praise him, in which case Avinash started talking very wrong. Elvish made Avi wear earphones and asked him to do the task, Avinash hesitated to do that too. Meanwhile, Elvish asks Avi to repeat – Bandi Teri Romance Mera. Falak got angry after hearing this. Then Avinash and Elvish have a fight.

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