Bigg Boss OTT 2 Written Update 2 July Salman Khan Blast On Falaq Naaz On Weekend Ka Vaar Know More Details

Bigg Boss OTT 2 Latest Update: Whenever Big Boss starts, then the fans eagerly wait for the weekend war. Because Salman Khan comes and worships all those contestants who create ruckus in the house for the whole week. Last day, Salman Khan had bombed Dubai’s Babu i.e. JD Hadid, while Akanksha Puri also took a good class. On the other hand, today i.e. on Sunday, Salman Khan worshiped Falak Naaz. So there were guests in the show in which Krishna Abhishek, Gippy Grewal and Sonam Bajwa appeared. During this, there was a grand entry of these stars of Punjabi industry. So there was elimination in the show and before that a fun task happened.

Carry On Jatta 3 stars enter the house

This time Punjabi industry stars Sonam Bajwa and Gippy Grewal came in the show Bigg Boss where they put a complaint in front of Salman Khan. He said that there is no Punjabi Bigg Boss here. In such a situation, Salman Khan also said that if he was good then how would he have looked? On this, Gippy and Sonam acted and showed how they would have been inside the house. During a lot of fun, a fun task was also done with the family members.

Falak Naaz misbehaved with Abhishek Malhan?

For a long time there have been rumors about Abhishek’s outspoken style in the show. In such a situation, Falak Naaz started raising questions on Abhishek’s upbringing. At the same time, his family was also brought into the fray. Then did Salman Khan get a chance and he heard Falak Naaz well for this. However, Falak Naaz gave his clarification to Salman Khan and said that he never said anything to Abhishek’s family.

After this, Abhishek becomes very emotional about his parents. However, later Falak was also seen telling Abhishek that she never said anything about his parents. During this, Falak also folded hands. Later Abhishek went to the camera and apologized to his parents and said that he loves them very much.

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