Bigg Boss OTT 2 Written Update 20 June Day 3:

Bigg Boss OTT 2 Written Update 20 June Day 3: There was a lot of turmoil inside the house in the Bigg Boss show today. In the beginning, the teeth of the contestants rang regarding the work in the house. Then there was a tussle between Babika and Falak Naaz. In anger, Falak had actually used the word ‘Hattikatti’ for everyone but Bebika took it wrong and raged at Falak. Actually, all this happened because Falak had asked him to clean the area outside the bathroom. During this, Pooja handled Babika. Pooja said that I and Caesar will clean the bathroom.

Manisha Rani came wearing orange color midi, wanted to impress Habibi

Manisha has already cleared that she is doing all this for entertainment. But Hadid is not liking this closeness. But the way Manisha showed seducing act, Hadid said for Manisha- ‘You be a performer’. You look great.’ During this, he even called Manisha a sister. But Manisha was seen forbidding him not to call her sister, ‘otherwise I will die’. I am your good friend. You love anyone but I love you. During this, Cyrus said- ‘Is there any limit to your age? Otherwise think about me. Manisha said- ‘Whoever we say once, we don’t make him Saiyan’.

During this, Manisha told an anecdote that she had boarded the train without a ticket. On the other hand, Palak and Jia were seen having a misunderstanding between themselves. Palak said Jia Shankar, you do not listen. So Jiya blamed him that ‘You didn’t post for me on my birthday, I felt very bad. So Palak said, ‘I felt that I had come there unwanted, so I felt that let it be.’

Nominations process started

Now Bigg Boss has started the nomination process. In this, three people could also be nominated simultaneously. 3 thousand currency was to be imposed on 3 nominees. In such a situation, Akanksha nominated Babika, Falak nominated Babika, Alia also nominated Babika, Pooja nominated Palak, then Avinash did 3 nominations – Babika, Abhishek and Palak. Jiya then nominated Babika. Palak did two nominations – Bebika, Avinash. After this, Abhishek also nominated Avinash.

Zaid Hadidi shocked

On the other hand, the most surprising of the entire nominations was Zaid Hadid’s taking the name of a special contestant in the nomination. Zaid nominates Babika and Manisha. Manisha nominates Palak and Jia Shankar. Then Cyrus nominated Palak. Then Babika nominated Akanksha Falak and Jia. In such a situation, in the end, Bigg Boss told that Babika, Palak, Jia and Avinash are nominated this week.

fight over ration

After this, hesitation started regarding ration in the show. Where there was an argument between Palak and Pooja over coffee and chicken. In such a situation, Pooja pressed the eyelid with her loud voice. At the same time, Palak also appeared silent and went to a corner muttering. But his coffee did not come.

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