Bigg Boss OTT 2 Written Update 21 June 2023 Falak Naaz Is The First Captain Of This Season Pooja Bhatt Called A Dominant

Bigg Boss OTT 2: The beginning of Bigg Boss Day Five was tremendous. Bigg Boss sang the song ‘Bareilly Wale Thumke’ for the housemates. Everyone danced tremendously, but during this Manisha Rani’s energy was very low. It seemed as if Manisha could not forget that nomination of Hadid of the previous day.

Tension between Pooja Bhatt and Palak

It was seen in the show that the previous day’s dispute between Pooja Bhatt and Palak suddenly escalated. During this, Manisha Rani tried to understand Palak. On the other hand, Palak asked him the opposite why he targeted me only. So there Cyrus also came and said that this game is like this. Palak said that I did not understand why I was targeted. I was not even a part of that thing.

Pooja gave clarification

On the other hand, Pooja said – ‘We are living in a group. I like this girl, I like this too. But that doesn’t mean I can’t say anything to her. You say that you are big ma’am and then you don’t listen to a single word of ma’am. If everyone has to hug in a group, then we do. Why can’t I tell the same group not to do this!

Abhishek called Pooja Bhatt dominating

Here, Palak said that she likes Falak’s vibes, in fact, Falak had gone to her to make Palak her friend. Palak tells Akanksha Puri about her grief that what Pooja did to her. Here Pooja was telling that, ‘I do not want people to understand that I am playing a power game. Because all of you are children and on the other hand this topic would be being talked about, then someone would say something and someone else would listen to something. Pooja said for Palak, first you were thrown out by the public, you were saved by the family members, after that you are asking for coffee. Here Abhishek shared his heart’s talk with Manisha. Because inside the house, their first clash happened due to worship.

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