Bigg Boss OTT 2 Written Update 22 July 2023 Salman Khan Blast On Weekend Ka Vaar On Jiya Shankar And Manisha Rani

Bigg Boss OTT 2 Weekend Ka Vaar 22 July: Saturday was a heavy day for Jia Shankar and Manisha Rani in Bigg Boss. When Salman Khan appeared in front of the family, all the family members became very happy, because last week Salman did not come to visit the house. During this, JD Hadid told Salman that you have not come, not fair, not fair, on which Salman jokingly said, you come out again.

Salman Khan tightens the screws

After this, Salman Khan’s attention went towards Jia Shankar. Salman ordered some goods from the store which had a tray. There was a bowl and a glass of water in the tray. Red chillies were kept in the bowl. In such a situation, Salman Khan said, for whom is Jiya? Jiya saw the bowl and said that it is for me only sir. Salman asked why did anything happen? On this Jiya said yes sir, I had made a mistake. Jiya got up from her place and went towards the bowl, then Salman said wait. sit down. After this, Salman started taking Jiya’s classes. Salman’s point was that why did he give Elvish water mixed with soap to drink?

Salman furious at Jia

In such a situation, Jiya accepted her mistake and said that Sir, I have made a mistake. But Salman said, “Jiya, you have said sorry, do you know how this soap is made?” After this, Salman Khan ordered a bottle of liquid soap in which his ingredients were taken. From sulphide to all types of acid, Salman got them counted. After this Jiya apologized to Elvish. Salman then asked Elvish that had you ever tested before? When Elvish refused, Salman said that how did you drink half a glass? Then Salman also showered his anger on those people who were seen showing teeth on this matter. Salman’s hint was on Avinash. Salman asked Avinash that did you explain to Jia that she is doing wrong? Avinash was seen defending himself on this.

Manisha also felt bad

Then it was Manisha Rani’s turn. Manisha got scolded by Salman for creating a fake love angle between Abhishek and Aashika. During this, Salman also took Ashika’s class and said that you are so naive, you don’t know anything? Abhishek was just seen laughing at this revelation. Salman scolded Manisha a lot and told her that she wears masks. Although Manisha was seen defending herself that she is not fake.

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