Bigg Boss OTT 2 Written Update 23 July 2023 Salman Khan Announces Elimination Of Falaq Naaz Avinash And Jiya In Shock

Bigg Boss OTT 2nd Weekend Ka Vaar 23rd July 2023: In Salman Khan’s show today, the mood of the contestants was very good in the beginning, because Salman’s mood was good. Although Salman Khan did not desist from his pranks, meanwhile Salman Khan was seen calling Manisha Rani a script writer. On the other hand, Manisha was also seen receiving this taunt with a smile.

Surprising eviction happened in the house!

Salman Khan often harasses the family members a lot on the day of eviction, and tells very comfortably who is getting evicted from the house. But today it did not happen. Salman took the name straight and game over. Actually, Salman played a game with the housemates in which he asked the housemates that which member of the house do you think is playing without any mind and without any desire to win. In such a situation, most people take the name of Falak Naz.

Did the family members have to take the name of Falak?

When Falak’s name came in the majority, Salman said to Falak, come on, this was the decision of the Falak family. come out of the house. Everyone was surprised to hear this. In such a situation, Salman looked innocent and said what should I do, it was your decision only. Till that time everyone thought that Salman was joking with Falak. But Falak started believing the truth and she started preparing for her departure. Meanwhile, Avinash came to him and said that he is mad, are you speaking like this, now see if Salman Bhai will speak, it was a joke. Hearing this, Falak reaches near the gate and the gate opens. In such a situation, Falak comes out of the house. Everyone is surprised by this.

Jia was seen crying after Falak’s departure, Avinash looked sad

After Falak’s departure, Jiya became very emotional for Falak and she said, why so suddenly. So there, that desperation was visible on Avinash’s face. Which he was seen sharing with the rest of the family members.

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