Bigg Boss OTT 2 Written Update 23 June Bebika Called Akanksha Gold Digger Manisha Asked About Salman Khan Interesting Question

Akanksha Puri In Jail In Bigg Boss House: Big Boss’s house day was celebrated with the song ‘Gulabo Zara Itra Girado’. After this, Falak, being the captain, ordered Palak to clean up now. It was also Palak’s mother’s birthday plus Avinash and Palak had proposed Palak on this day before they were together. In such a situation, it was a special day for Palak.

Now Falak, being the captain, was sitting in every corner of the house keeping an eye on whether the work was being done properly or not. In such a situation, Jiya’s problems started due to Falak roaming around in such a house. He told Palak about this that she is doing it as if she is the mistress of the house. On the other hand, JD Hadid wanted to work in the kitchen, so he went shirtless, wore an apron and started attracting women while cooking.

Bigg Boss gave task to the family members

Now Bigg Boss put a task in front of the housemates, in which the jailed contestants were being given a chance to release themselves from jail. First of all, Babika got this opportunity, in which Bigg Boss asked her to do face-reading of the people of the house. After this Babika started face reading one by one. During this, she got into an argument with Abhishek, clashed with Jia, and even read Pooja’s face. Pooja did not react during this time.

After this Babika’s jail term ended. And they came out. During this, Akanksha told Babika that – It seems like a script is going on in Babika’s mind that first she has to do like this and then she has to do like this. He further said that he gets negative vibes from Babika. At the same time, Pooja also explained to Babika that she should not lose her dignity. After this Aaliya was released from jail.

Then the car got stuck on aspiration

Now it’s Akanksha’s turn. She was the only one left in the jail. In such a situation, Akanksha’s connection with Palak was fitted. Bigg Boss played a strong game. Gave 30 thousand currency to Palak. And said that either take Akanksha out of jail or take ration from this 30 thousand currency. In such a situation, Palak chose ration and Akanksha remained in jail. During this, Manisha told Aaliya that she is showing off by being very great. At the same time, for Akanksha, Babika said that ‘he is also a gold digger’. He further said for Akanksha – definitely used 5-6 people and must have escaped. Akanksha sticks to Abhishek because he has followers. So that he too gets love from the followers.

Manisha’s question about Salman, Babika answers with her knowledge!

Manisha asked during this time, tell me about Salman Khan, was his heart really broken? On this Babika said yes and if not then what. Babika said that she needed a housekeeper.

Not only Adipurusha, there was a lot of ruckus on the song of this superhit film of Dharmendra, the makers changed the line and released

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