Bigg Boss OTT 2 Written Update 25 July 2023 Manisha Rani And Aashika Bhatia Nominated Abhishek Malhan Save For This Week

Bigg Boss OTT 2 Written Update 25 July: In Bigg Boss OTT today i.e. on Tuesday, Bigg Boss gave the nomination task to the housemates. The activity area was made like an apple orchard for the nomination process. Whereas Pooja was its gardener. Big Boss had given Pooja to handle this task.

Clash between Aashika Bhatia and JD Hadid
Before the nomination task, there was a tussle between Aashika Bhatia and JD Hadid. Actually, JD was in the gym area, while Ashika had to go for smoking. In such a situation, Ashika was waiting for JD’s exercise to end. In such a situation, when he asked JD for the second time, how much more time. JD got angry on this and said that Ashika cannot ask me like this. Ashika also got angry on this, that she had not said anything like this to JD. After this, Ashika became emotional after going inside the house. Elvish and Abhishek were seen explaining to him about this. But she did not agree to understand. Later Pooja explained to him comfortably.

Green apple red apple in Bigg Boss, who got what?

Bigg Boss told that there are green and red apples in the garden, the one who gets green apples will be safe in the process while the ones who get red apples will be nominated. In such a situation, when Pooja started the work, first of all Abhishek Malhan i.e. Fukra Insan was called. Pooja Bhatt gave the green apple to Abhishek Malhan. Also, he told that there is a lot of potential inside Abhishek. In such a situation, she wants to see him further.

Family members complained about worship at home?

At the same time, many people had problems when Abhishek got a green apple. During this task, Babika and Manisha once again clashed. At the same time, most of the members of the house gave maximum red apples to Manisha Rani and Ashika Bhatia. In such a situation, both got nominated for this week. After the task was over, many people in the house were seen complaining to Pooja that she was too busy. As he asked Ashika to give her name for only one nomination, while Abhishek was given the green apple first.

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