Bigg Boss OTT 2 Written Update 27 June Bigg Boss Mid Week Eviction Aaliya Siddiqui Is Out From BB House Bebika Manisha Mad Fight Begins

Bigg Boss OTT 2 Written Update in Hindi: The task of making toys was played in the garden area of ​​Bigg Boss house. In which both Pooja and Aaliya were made managers. In such a situation, both the managers went to the opposite team and found faults in each other’s toys. However, later Abhishek’s team won the task. After which basic and premium ration came for them.

Pooja refuses to eat Aaliya’s dal

After whatever happened during the day, dinner was prepared in the house, in which Aaliya Siddiqui made dal. Everyone was having food, when Pooja came out from there, she was asked to have food too. In such a situation, he said that I am not hungry now, but I will eat later. After seeing the pulses, Pooja asked whether you have prepared the pulses. On this, it was told that Aaliya had made the dal, after which Pooja flatly refused to eat Aaliya’s dal.

Falak Naaz looked emotional

Inside the house, Falak was seen talking about her brother Sheejan with Pooja Bhatt. During this, Pooja said that she had already understood that Falak is as strong as her. Falak told that we have seen very bad times. Those who still think that now I will go and polish things, then yes. Will do Pooja supported Falak on this.

Fierce fight between Manisha and Babika

Manisha is fickle and always eager to speak her mind. Babika has been complaining about her that she never listens to anyone. Now Babika has a fight with Manisha because she told Manisha that she is fake and will fight with her for the camera. In such a situation, Manisha had a lot of tussle with Babika at that time, but later Manisha was seen crying alone in the garden area.

Alia’s Mid Week Eviction

In this Bigg Boss OTT 2 season of 6 weeks, two evictions have happened so far. And now the third eviction is of Alia Siddiqui. When Bigg Boss took Aaliya’s name, she became very emotional and started crying.

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