Bigg Boss OTT 2 Written Update 4 July 2023: Jia Shankar’s attitude changed as soon as he became the captain, what did he do with Manisha Rani-Pooja Bhatt? Learn

Bigg Boss OTT 2 Written Update in Hindi: No one knows when the scenario of the house will change in Bigg Boss OTT. In the last episode, Bigg Boss conducted nomination tasks, in which 7 housemates were nominated. After this, the captaincy task took place in the show today in which Jia Shankar was made the captain. Now that Jia has become the captain, she has changed a bit. Now he showed the power of his captaincy during this time – distributed ration to the family members, sent Manisha Rani to jail, he gave the reason for sending Manisha to jail that Manisha broke the most rules of the house.

Bigg Boss snatches Abhishek’s captaincy

Earlier, Abhishek Malhan asked Bigg Boss for permission to sleep for two hours, in such a situation, Cyrus and Falak Naz were seen having fun listening to Abhishek’s talk. Laughter broke out when Bigg Boss played kukduku when Abhishek slept with him.

Jiya nominates Pooja, sends Manisha to jail

After Abhishek’s sleep, Bigg Boss gave a task to the housemates in which he said that all of you are taking the captaincy for granted. Taking the name of Abhishek, Bigg Boss also gave an example. After this, Bigg Boss gives the housemates a chance to change the power of captaincy. After this, Bigg Boss gives a task in which Jia Shankar was made the captain. After this, when Bigg Boss offered Jia that she can save herself from this week’s nomination. But they have to nominate a member of the house. Jia takes the name of Pooja on this. Jiya herself becomes safe after this. Apart from this, Jiya also sends Manisha to jail. During this both Babika and Abhishek were seen standing in support of Manisha.

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