Bigg Boss OTT 2 Written Update 8th July 2023 Avinash Sachdeva Shares His Feeling With Falaq Naaz Cyrus Broacha Want To Leave The House

Avinash Confession To Falaq: Every day the story of the show Bigg Boss house is something new. Today we got to see ‘Pyaar’ as before in the show, while something unique was also seen in the show. So far 16 seasons of Bigg Boss have appeared in which many pairs were formed inside the house. This time in BB OTT Season 2, the closeness of Falak Naaz and Anivash Sachdeva was seen increasing. So it was unique in the show that a famous celeb like Cyrus requested Salman to just let him go home.

Avinash expressed his pride with Falak?

Many people had guessed from Avinash’s body language that Avinash has started liking Falak. Jia Shankar and JD Hadid also knew this very well. In such a situation, in today’s episode of the show, Salman Khan showed that two people’s hearts are meeting in this house. It was shown in the show that Avinash told Falak- Look, I was trying to say something. On this Falak laughed and said – Hey tell me why are you so nervous. On this, Avinash dared to say that I have started liking you.

Such was Falak’s reaction

On this, Falak replied in a very relaxed manner that I respect your feelings. This expression of yours will not make any difference in our friendship. Nor will I feel uncomfortable. On the other hand, Avinash told Jiya and JD that he had told Falak about his heart. In such a situation, Jiya and JD were seen to be very happy.

Cyrus folded hands in front of Salman Khan, started insisting like children – ‘Hai go ghar-hai go ghar’

A very strange incident happened in the show, seeing which even Salman Khan was surprised. During this, Salman Khan was seen explaining to Cyrus but did not remain in the same condition. Bigg Boss explained to Cyrus that your health is being taken good care of at home. The doctor team of Bigg Boss is always on standby. At the same time, when Salman asked Cyrus what was his problem?

On this, Cyrus told that he is unable to bear the negativity. He gets up at 4 in the morning, Pooja also told that he remains very upset. At the same time, Cyrus’s friend also tried to cheer him up, but Cyrus did not agree. They were seen begging Salman like children that please take me out of here, I want to leave from here. During this, Salman also said that you will get extra eggs in the house. Still Cyrus did not agree. Although he has not been sent out of the house yet.

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