Bigg Boss OTT 2 Written Update 9 July 2023 Cyrus Surprisingly Dance In BB House Shocking Terrence Bring A Sparkling Task Into The House

Cyrus To Jia Shankar Was A Today’s Show Highlight : Today in Bigg Boss house, Salman Khan started from where he ended on Saturday night. Last night, Salman Khan was seen explaining to Cyrus why he wanted to quit the house when the public wanted to see him. The public is enjoying them. In this case they are safe. But the specter of going home loomed large in Cyrus’s mind. When Salman told Cyrus in the show that it is okay then penalty will have to be given. Cyrus fell silent on this. At the same time, Pooja was also seen explaining to him that since we are professionals, we cannot do this since we are in the industry. After this, Cyrus was able to understand the matter to a great extent and then he did not bother to go home.

Manisha’s dance faded in front of Cyrus

Now choreographer Terence came to meet Salman Khan. At the same time, he also brought a new dance challenge for the family members. During this, the most surprising performance was of Cyrus Broacha. When both of them started dancing after pairing Cyrus and Manisha Rani, everyone kept watching them. Manisha Rani did not make a strong start in the beginning. But slowly when Cyrus opened up, everyone’s eyes widened. From the contestants to Salman and Terence, everyone was seen clapping and laughing holding their stomachs. Not only this, at least 2 times because of Cyrus, Manisha survived falling. Still he managed.

Terence requests Salman to go inside the house, goes inside and sets it on fire!

After going inside the house, Terence played a game with the housemates in which some statements were to be judged by the contestants. In such a situation, when Jiya’s turn came, the comment was highlighted by using bad words for Jiya and JD’s relationship. Actually, this statement was given by someone in the house, which Jia had no idea at all. Now Jia had to guess, in such a situation, Jia took the name of Avinash, which was a wrong guess. Avinash became very angry with Jiya’s guess.

Later a flashback was shown in which Manisha-Abhishek were seen talking about it, while Cyrus was also involved in it. After this, Abhishek explained to Jia that what was said was not what was shown. But Jiya was very disappointed with this statement.

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