Bigg Boss OTT 2 Written Update: Alia Siddiqui, Pooja Bhatt and Cyrus celebrate happily before leaving Bigg Boss house!

Pooja Bhatt Happy After Aaliya Siddiqui Left The House: Bigg Boss OTT 2 which started for 6 weeks has now reached the fourth week. In such a situation, now another player had to be sacrificed in the show. In such a situation, Aaliya Siddiqui was bid farewell to the show. Earlier three contestants have been evicted from the show.

Nomination discussion took place in the house

In the show Bigg Boss, Abhishek was seen doing nomination discussion where he was seen talking about it with Akanksha and Jia. At the same time, Bigg Boss opened this poll, later Babika and Pooja were seen provoking him. Now during this time a bad fight took place between Babika and Manisha Rani. Babika had called Manisha a diplomat. After this Manisha got angry. She was seen saying that she never did anything to him for the camera. In such a situation, Manisha also talked about keeping distance from Babika. Here Abhishek was seen telling Pooja that Pooja makes her own opinion and imposes it on other people. So there is no point in going after them. 

Aaliya Siddiqui cleared

Alia Siddiqui became evicted from the house today in the show. In fact, Bigg Boss did a midweek eviction in which one of Jiya and Aaliya had to go out of the house. Due to this, Bigg Boss revealed these two names and asked the housemates that out of the two, whom do they want to save and whom do they want to send out, all the housemates should vote on this. In such a situation, one by one everyone took the name of Aaliya that Aaliya should leave the show. Alia could not stop herself after hearing her name from so many people  and wept bitterly.

Pooja Bhatt very happy with Alia’s departure

Alia when  When she started leaving, at that time the members of the house were seen bidding farewell to her with moist eyes. Abhishek had become quite desperate at that time. Babika was seen grimacing on seeing Aaliya. While Pooja Bhatt hugged Alia. But later Pooja Bhatt was seen laughing after Alia left with Cyrus.

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