Bigg Boss OTT 2nd Weekend Ka Vaar Written Up Salman Khan Took Akanksha Puri And Abhishek Malhan Class Know Details

Bigg Boss OTT 2nd Weekend Ka Vaar Written Up: Today i.e. on June 24, the first weekend ka vaar took place in Bigg Boss house, and Salman Khan made a grand entry. After this, Salman Khan had to take everyone’s class one after the other. But before this, Manish Paul entered the show and he was given entry in the house. Manish played a game with the contestants in the show in which Pooja and Cyrus were captured as the fake queen and king. At the same time, the game was fed further with each of the contestants.

When Salman Khan came in Weekend Ka Vaar with the contestants, he said that he saw Manish playing the game, now he was also seen playing. In such a situation, Salman Khan started playing games with the contestants with film titles. After this, Salman took the name of Abhishek and started taking his classes. Salman told them that they are going wrong in the show at this time. Earlier, Abhishek was seen gathering a lot in Babika and Manisha’s group. But after a fight with Babika, he got separated from both of them. During this, Salman instructed him for this.

Then Salman lifted Akanksha Puri from her seat and made her sit on the seat with thorns. During this, Akanksha said that Sir, you always make me sit on the seat with thorns. On this, after Akanksha sat down, Salman said – What are the thorns? Hearing this, Akanksha started laughing.

bad akanksha class

Salman first besieged Akanksha for the fact that when Akanksha, along with Alia, called her a torturer. After Babika had locked herself in the bathroom, Akanksha falsely told the whole house that Babika needed a doctor. At the same time, Salman expressed a lot of anger on Akanksha for her statement.

Salman told Akanksha that you are misleading. When Salman asked this question to Avinash, at first Avi said that according to him Akanksha is not doing this. But when Salman Khan reminded Avi about the incident related to Akanksha, he became silent and could not say anything.

Baby’s nose has become high!

After Salman’s class was over, Bebika was surprised to see people talking like this behind her. During this, Babika’s screams started. Whereas Manisha and Pooja controlled Babika and pacified her.

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