Bigg Boss OTT2 Jad Hadid Lost Interest In Akanksha Puri After Lip Locking Said She Was Trembling | BB OTT2: Jad Hadid is not interested in Akanksha Puri after liplocking, says

BB OTT2: There is a lot of commotion inside Bigg Boss OTT 2. Every day some new drama is being seen. On the other hand, Lebanese model JD Hadid is currently in the limelight. They are creating a lot of ruckus inside the Bigg Boss OTT 2 house with their antics.

There has been a lot of ruckus when JD’s co-contestant Akanksha Puri was lip-locked during a task. Even when JD called Akanksha a ‘bad kisser’ after sharing the kiss, he got trolled a lot on social media. At the same time, JD claimed that initially he found Akanksha very attractive and wanted to kiss her, but now he is not interested in doing so.

Now JD’s interest in Akanksha is over
Recalling kissing Akanksha during the task, JD said, “I was kissing her and she was trembling. She was not reacting.” Later, JD told Jia Shankar, “She asked me to come closer and she is giving me these signals. She is giving me signals that what she wants but I will deviate from it. No. I have completely lost interest now. What game was it for and it didn’t matter to me. That’s what I wanted in the beginning. But now I’m away from it. She was trembling. She had guts. “

Pooja Bhatt took a stand for Akanksha
JD had earlier told Avinash Sachdev that Akanksha is a ‘bad kisser’, on which both laughed. On the other hand, Pooja Bhatt took Akanksha’s stand on this and said to JD, “I am sorry but if you are saying this then you are rubbish. This thing is under the belt. What do you think the poor girl would do if asked?” Kiss in front of the whole world? I’m sorry, I don’t accept it. No, no not cool.”

While defending his point, JD told the actress-filmmaker, “This is an opinion.” On this Pooja told her that she should share her opinion with Akanksha and not with anyone else in the house.

Akanksha Puri had said that she was uncomfortable during the kiss
Earlier, Akanksha had also said that she was quite uncomfortable during the kiss. Akanksha said, “I wanted JD to understand what makes me feel awkward as an Indian female artist. I was expecting that he would come and talk to me and give his clarification about the whole situation. Communication is important, and I needed that trust.”

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