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Karishma Kapoor Unknown Facts: Born in the Kapoor family on June 25, 1974, no one had thought that she would not only give flight to her dreams by rebelling against the family, but would also make them come true. Actually, we are talking about Karishma Kapoor, who captured all the fans in the trap of her beauty from the film Prem Qaidi. Karisma’s charisma was undoubtedly visible in the world of cinema, but her personal life was full of turmoil. Today in the birthday special, we are introducing you to Karishma’s love life.

First name associated with Ajay

Ajay Devgan first entered Karisma Kapoor’s life. It is said that both came very close while shooting for the film Jigar. Even they had started on the path of love, but after some time both of them separated their ways.

The pairing was to be made with Govinda as well

The pair of Karisma and Govinda appeared in many films. This pair was not only a super hit, but the fans also started liking it. Alam was that the discussion of the affair of both also started. In such a situation, Karisma Kapoor and Govinda distanced themselves from each other.

Salman’s name is also included in the list.

It is impossible for Bollywood’s Bhaijaan Salman Khan to show his mettle in a film and his name is not associated with the heroine of that movie. Same was the case with Karisma Kapoor. There were speculations about their affair. However, both never said anything on this issue.

Engagement with Abhishek broke

Abhishek Bachchan also entered Karishma’s life. Both were so immersed in each other’s love that preparations for their marriage also started. However, this journey could be completed only till the engagement. After this their relationship broke up and Karisma was once again left alone.

the marriage didn’t work either

Karisma Kapoor chose businessman Sanjay Kapoor as her life partner after being associated with many stars of the film world. Both were married during the year 2003, after which they had two children (a son and a daughter). However, they got divorced in 2016.

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