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Bharti Singh Unknown Facts: Born on July 3, 1987, in a middle-class family living in Punjab, Bharti Singh may not be in need of any recognition today, but there was a time when she saw a period of poverty. Alam was also that he had to struggle even for his breath. There were food boys in the house. Sometimes we used to get only salt and bread, sometimes we had to sleep hungry. In the birthday special, we are introducing you to the struggle of Bharti Singh.

Struggled for breath like this

Please tell that Bharti’s mother was Punjabi and father was Nepali. When she was only two years old, her father said goodbye to this world. After this, Bharti’s mother Kamla Singh, sister Pinky and a brother Dheeraj Singh were left in the family. Bharti tells that her family had not made any plan to give birth to her. When she was in the womb, her mother was planning to have an abortion. However, now his family says that if Bharti was not there, his family would hardly have reached this point.

childhood spent in misery

After the death of her father, the condition of Bharti’s family deteriorated. Although mother Kamla worked hard and brought up the family, she did not even get enough food many times. Bharti also had to work hard for studies. To waive the college fees, he enrolled in sports. She used to reach college every day at 5 in the morning for practice, so that she could get a coupon of five rupees for juice. Bharti used to collect all the coupons and buy fruits from them and take them home.

Kapil Sharma changed his luck

After completing her studies, Bharti Singh used to do theater in Amritsar, where she met Kapil Sharma. It was he who advised Bharti to audition for the Laughter Challenge. When Bharti flew to Mumbai to fulfill her dreams, her mother supported her regardless of the taunts of the world. She got selected in the Laughter Challenge. After this Bharti never looked back. Today he is one of the veteran comedians of the country.

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