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Rhea Pillai Unknown Facts: She belongs to the royal family. Since childhood, she had a connection with cinema as well, but when she stepped into married life, she could not remain happy. We are talking about Riya Pillai, who came into limelight after marrying Sanjay Dutt for the second time. Do you know what Riya is doing now in the birthday special?

Riya was Sanjay Dutt’s second wife

Sanjay Dutt’s first wife was Richa Sharma, who had said goodbye to this world in 1996 due to cancer. After Richa’s death, Sanjay met model Riya Pillai and both got married in the year 1998. However, Riya and Sanjay got divorced in the year 2005. Let us know where Riya is now and what she is doing after her divorce from Sanjay Dutt.

belong to the royal family

Riya Pillai, born in London on 27 June 1965, belongs to the royal family. Actually, she is the granddaughter of Maharaja Narsinghgir Dhanrajgir Gyan Bahadur of Hyderabad. Apart from this, Riya’s connection was also with cinema since childhood. Please tell that his maternal grandmother Zubaida played an important role in the country’s first talkie film ‘Alam-Aara’. Riya Pillai’s father’s name is Raymond Pillai, while mother Durreshwar Dhanrajgir is a well-known doctor.

Sanjay Dutt was married like this

Riya used to do modeling before venturing into films. Apart from this, she was also an air hostess. She did modeling for many brands. At the same time, he also played a small role in the film Corporate released in the year 2006. It is said that during modeling, Riya came very close to the married Sanjay Dutt. When Sanjay Dutt was in jail, Riya used to visit him regularly. When Sanjay came out of jail, he proposed Riya at a Valentine’s Day party and got married in Sai Baba’s temple during 1998. Please tell that Riya was also a divorcee at the time of her marriage to Sanjay. She married Michael Vaz in 1984 and they got divorced in 1994.

Marriage broke in just seven years

Experts say that after coming out of jail, Sanjay Dutt signed seven films one after the other, due to which he could not give time to Rhea. In such a situation, the distance between the two kept increasing. However, it is claimed in media reports that the reason for the distance between Riya and Sanjay was famous tennis player Leander Paes and dancer Nadia Durrani. In fact, despite being married, Sanjay started dating dancer Nadia Durrani, while Riya’s name started being associated with Leander Paes. After some time Riya got divorced from Sanjay Dutt and got married to Leander Paes. However, this marriage also did not last long.

What is Riya Pillai doing now?

Please tell that Riya has now joined spirituality. He had given this information in an interview. Riya Pillai had told that she is feeling very good by connecting with spirituality. Now he has no desire to act. Now she is living a happy life with her daughter. The thing to note is that Riya remains very active on social media. She wins the hearts of fans with her stunning pictures.

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