Birthday Special Shilpa Shetty And Shamita Shetty Mother Sunanda Shetty Controversy Career Unknown Facts

Sunanda Shetty Unknown Facts: Today (June 20) is the birthday of Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty’s mother Sunanda Shetty. Although Sunanda is known by the name of her daughters Shilpa and Shamita Shetty, but she herself remains in headlines. However, the reason for being in the headlines is all the controversies in which she is embroiled, today in the Birthday Special we are introducing you to a few pages of Sunanda Shetty’s life.

Sunanda’s career was like this

Let us tell you that Sunanda Shetty, originally from Mangalore in Karnataka, married Surendra Shetty. They have two daughters Shilpa and Shamita Shetty. Apart from daughters, Sunanda’s connection has been with the film world. Actually, he had produced a film The Desire: A Journey of a Woman. Please tell that Sunanda along with her husband also does the business of making tamperproof water caps.

Many allegations against Sunanda

Please tell that Sunanda Shetty has been surrounded in many allegations. Actually, Shilpa Shetty is a fitness freak. She often posts videos while doing yoga. Apart from this, Shilpa also runs a fitness chain named Iosis Wellness, whose director is Sunanda Shetty. Sunanda has been accused of extorting crores of rupees from people in the name of opening a branch of this wellness center.

Case filed against Sunanda

Please tell that in this case, a case of cheating was also registered against Sunanda Shetty. This case was registered in Lucknow’s Hazratganj and Vibhuti Khand police stations. Shilpa and her mother Sunanda have also been called for questioning in this matter. At the same time, during the year 2015, Shilpa’s father had taken a loan of about 21 lakh rupees for his business, which was not repaid. In this case also the Shetty family is in trouble.

Sunanda has also filed a case

On the other hand, Sunanda Shetty has also registered a case of cheating. He accused a person named Sudhakar Ghare of cheating. Sunanda said that Sudhakar had sold her a land for Rs 1.6 crore, the documents of which were fake. This case was registered by the Mumbai Police.

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