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Sulakshana Pandit Unknown Facts: The more interesting the films are, the more interesting is the life of the stars working in these films. The life of yesteryear singer and very talented actress Sulakshana Pandit was also similar. His career was going through a very good phase, then he fell in love one-sided and everything was over. In the birthday special, we are introducing you to the love story of Sulakshana Pandit.

Started singing songs from the age of 9

Sulakshana was born on 12 July 1954 in the house of Pratap Narayan Pandit in the famous Sangeet Gharana of Raigarh, Chhattisgarh. This was the reason that she started humming musical notes from the age of nine. Sulakshana first sang the song ‘Saat Samandar Paar Se, Gudiya Se Bazar Se…’ from the film ‘Takdeer’ in the year 1967 with Lata Mangeshkar. After this he worked with veterans like Hemant Kumar, Kishore Kumar. His voice was last heard in the Salman Khan-Manisha Koirala starrer Khamoshi The Musical.

This is how Nain fought with Sanjeev Kumar

Sulakshana Pandit, a popular singer of her time, lent her voice to many hit songs in the 1970s. At the same time, during 1975, he made his acting debut with the film Uljhan opposite Sanjeev Kumar. During the shooting of the film, he fell in love with Sanjeev Kumar one-sided, but Sanjeev Kumar was crazy about Hema Malini. However, Sulakshana never gave up and kept waiting for Sanjeev Kumar.

Sulakshana’s expectation was not fulfilled

This was the period when Sanjeev Kumar was trying hard to marry Hema Malini. However, he could not get success and the family members of Hema Malini flatly denied this relationship. This broke Sanjeev Kumar’s heart and he decided not to marry for the rest of his life. However, in the case of Hema and Sanjeev Kumar breaking up, Sulakshana saw hope for herself. She kept waiting for Sanjeev Kumar, but it did not happen.

Sulakshana was shattered by the death of Sanjeev Kumar

It is said that Sulakshana was so madly in love with Sanjeev Kumar that she used to cook food for the actor and take him to the sets of the film. However, Sanjeev Kumar’s heart never melted. When Sanjeev Kumar died in 1985, Sulakshana was completely broken by this incident. She went into depression and slowly drifted away from the film world as well.

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