BJP had given an offer of Rs 45 crore and a ministerial post! This Congress MLA spoke from the stage, VIDEO VIRAL

Ajay Neema, Ujjain. Only a few months are left for the assembly elections in Madhya Pradesh. Meanwhile, the party and the opposition are busy in accusing each other. In such a situation, a video of Murli Morwal, MLA of Badnagar assembly of Ujjain district of Congress party, is going viral on social media. In which he has told about the offer made on BJP for party-change. If the MLA is to be believed, he was offered a roomful of notes and the post of Minister of State to leave the Congress.

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Congress MLA Murli Morwal said from the stage that the public has given a lot to the Congress party and the party to the public in the Badnagar assembly. Our government was in power for one and a half years, but some greedy people toppled it. Friends, let me tell you that I was also offered 40 to 45 crores. It was said that you will be made a minister of state, a room will be filled with notes. But I declined the offer.

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I said that even if two rooms are filled, I will not come. If a person like me joins BJP then what will happen to the workers here. What will happen to the people here? I declined this offer. I was told to give 5 crores, come to talk, I did not go. Let us tell you that before Murali Morwal, MLA from Badnagar Assembly, Mahesh Parmar, MLA from Tarana Assembly, has also made such allegations against BJP in the past.

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