BJP is going to go, Congress is going to go: Priyanka Gandhi roared in Gwalior, said- wave of change in MP, Congress is playing the guarantee, targeted PM Modi

Karn Mishra, Gwalior. Congress National General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi reached Gwalior on Friday. Where he roared in the stronghold of Union Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia. Addressing the rally, Priyanka said in the language of Chambal that BJP is going to go, Congress is going to go.

Priyanka Gandhi, who arrived on her one-day visit to Gwalior on Friday, was welcomed by Congress leaders at the airport. After this she reached the tomb of Rani Lakshmi Bai. Where he bowed down by paying floral tributes at the tomb. During this, former Chief Minister Kamal Nath, Leader of Opposition Dr. Govind Singh were present. After this, left for the venue of the meeting at the fair ground.

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Priyanka Gandhi greeted the people who came to the public meeting with folded hands. Addressing the Jan Aakrosh rally, he said that he made you wait a lot, Namaskar to all of you. Said in the native language of the region that our Ram Ram to all brothers and sisters. Priyanka said that the freedom movement was called the Satyagraha movement. He has been the foundation of our politics. On the basis of this, our politics continued for decades, but now the politics has changed. The original issues of the public get hidden amidst the allegations and counter-accusations of political parties on each other.

Attack on PM

Attacking Prime Minister Modi, he said that there was a big meeting of the opposition, all the big leaders came, only then the statement of PM Modi came. All the parties of the leaders of the opposition, in one stroke they were called thieves. On the other hand, Manipur has been burning for two months, but has not given even a single statement in 77 days. Even if he gave a statement yesterday, he threw politics in it.

target on inflation

Priyanka Gandhi said that I have not come to mislead you. I have come here to talk about issues. Today the biggest issue is of inflation. School is expensive, buying an umbrella has become difficult. How are you people living today, it hurts a lot. Sister is upset, ration in the house, cylinder is expensive now. When someone falls ill in the house, there is panic as to where to get the medicine and how to get the treatment done. Today all the responsible leaders will have to tell the public that how is this inflation today.

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Questions raised regarding Agniveer recruitment

He said that Gwalior is the area of ​​Rani Laxmibai. Agniveer of the zone is returning from recruitment. They are saying that they will work so hard only for four years. Parents teach them with hard work, then patwari recruitment scams happen. In 2018, our government was toppled. Today it is their government for 18 years. They are making promises that they will give this to the people of the state, I ask what they were doing till now. There is a long list of his scams. Arrogance is bound to happen in 18 years. Because of that the responsible officers also become like that. Give the power in the hands of a good person, he will serve you, if it goes into the wrong hands, he will betray you.

Said this on tribal atrocities

Priyanka further said that today the weak are being tortured. Tribals are being tortured across the state. Everyday women are getting raped. People never take wrong decisions. The decision you take is the decision of democracy. Today is the time to take a decision. Today the youth, farmers, traders and small shopkeepers will have to think.

asked questions to the public

Asking questions to the public, Priyanka said that those who are ruling you today have luxurious palaces and where are you. You people are to blame for this, because you are not questioning your leaders. Today an industrialist is earning Rs 1600 crore and a farmer is not able to earn Rs 27. He asked whether you want an honest government today or not? Today, the youth do not want free ration at home, they want employment. This government has made you dependent. Will depend on the ration, will depend on the schemes.

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OPS will be implemented in MP

The National General Secretary said that the guarantee that the Congress is giving today. We are also fulfilling that in our governments. See in Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, Himachal, Karnataka. He said that old pension scheme will be implemented in MP. 1500 rupees will be added to the accounts of the sisters. 100 units of electricity waived, 200 units of electricity will be halved. There will be the task of waiving off the loans of the farmers.

wave of change in the state

This time there is a wave of change in MP also. I am sure that you are going to form a strong government. Such a government which cannot be bought or sold. Bring such a strong government that will strengthen you. He said that when I came to Gwalior, I met some disabled people, they told that their pension is only Rs.600. This should be increased, when Kamal Nath ji forms the government, his pension will also be increased. In the language of the region, Priyanka said that BJP is going to go, Congress is going to go.

Veteran Congress leaders were present on the stage

Former Chief Minister Digvijay Singh, former Leader of Opposition Ajay Singh, PCC Working State President Ramniwas Rawat, Rajya Sabha MP Vivek Tankha, State In-charge JP Aggarwal, State Vice President Balendu Shukla, Former State President Arun Yadav, Suresh Pachauri, AICC National Secretary Shiv Bhatia were present. On the other side of the stage, former MLAs and former MPs were given places. On the other side of the stage, along with the organization officer of Gwalior Chambal zone, office bearers from across the state were made to sit.

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