BJP leader who shot ‘female friend’ arrested: MBA student was fired in the office, absconded with CCTV hard disk after the incident

Kumar Inder, Jabalpur. The police have arrested Priyansh Vishwakarma, the alleged BJP leader who shot a ‘female friend’ in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, after 4 days. the accused in his in the office itself to Devika Thakur Was shot After the incident, the accused absconded with the revolver and the hard disk of the CCTV. Four days later the police arrested him,

MP: The girl was shot by BJP leader’s revolver, after the incident BJP leader escaped with CCTV footage

this is the whole matter

In fact, at around one o’clock on Friday afternoon, the arrested BJP leader Priyansh Vishwakarma had fired at Devika Thakur in her office near Dhanwantari Chowki, injuring Devika. After the incident, instead of taking the injured to the hospital, Priyansh cleaned the office to hide the incident and also took out the hard disk of the CCTV. Then took the injured girl in the car and roamed around for 5 hours. He was later admitted to the hospital and absconded.

MP: Case of girl being shot by BJP leader’s revolver, statement of injured girl surfaced, Congress opened front

There was a long-standing friendship between the injured and the accused

There was a long-standing friendship between Devika Thakur and alleged BJP leader Priyansh Vishwakarma. Presently, Devika is pursuing MBA. She lives in a house located on the right side of Jabalpur. The friendship of the two was also known in Devika’s house. On the day of the incident, the accused informed Devika’s aunt about her ill health, but when the victim’s aunt reached the hospital, she was covered in blood.

The accused does sand business

Accused Priyansh Vishwakarma does sand business. Along with this, the work of buying and selling land is also done. He was friends with the deceased son of Narsinghpur district MLA Jalam Singh. It is said that he used to work only for the leaders of Narsinghpur.

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