BJP MLA Ranjana on ruling party

Raipur. In the Chhattisgarh Legislative Assembly, there is an atmosphere of ruckus between the parties and the opposition. The opposition is constantly besieging the government with its questions. At the same time, the ruling party is also answering the questions with impunity. Meanwhile, BJP MLA Ranjana Dipendra Sahu attacked the government. He said what happened to the promises of liquor ban in Chhattisgarh?

BJP MLA Ranjana Dipendra Sahu said during the discussion that girls are not safe in Chhattisgarh. What happened to the promises of prohibition in Chhattisgarh? Today liquor is reaching every house. Sold in hotels, motels and malls.

BJP MLA Ranjana Deependra Sahu said that the members of the ruling party should keep in the House that what is the benefit of prohibition? What is the loss? Is justice being done to women?

BJP MLA Ranjana Dipendra Sahu said that the condition of the education department is bad. The condition of every departments is bad. The government is not able to give money for the Sugam Sadak Yojana. The amount of DMF has been misused. There is no question of trusting the government.

Read what BJP MLA Saurabh Singh said?

The discussion on the motion of no confidence is going on. BJP MLA Saurabh Singh said that there was a liquor policy during our government, in which the license of FL 10 was with the Brewery Corporation. But in this government, licenses were given to outside companies. Excise officer is posted in each distillery. The government is taking action against three distilleries. Illegal liquor was coming out from the distillery, what were the excise officers present there doing?

BJP MLA Saurabh Singh said that a company named after officer AP Tripathi’s wife used to make fake holograms. Gare Pelma’s operation is the same man, whom Rahul Gandhi repeatedly mentions. Junk quality coal used to come from Gare Pelma. There is an example of loot in Chhattisgarh. In September 22, the NGT had given instructions regarding the dumping of coal, but who are these people doing the work of transporting, against whom no action was taken.

BJP MLA Saurabh Singh said that DMF has become synonymous with corruption in the state. The collectors played the game fiercely by taking the name of the house. Ventilators were purchased from the same company at three different rates. 9 crore rupees were spent in the name of coaching. The Collector of Korba used the interest money to build an airstrip, but no action was taken.

BJP MLA Saurabh Singh said that many cases have come to the fore regarding paddy and rice. Got raided Dung was bought but there is no accounting of 227 crores. This government could not even spend the money received from the center for the development of primitive tribes.

BSP MLA Indu Banjare made allegations

BSP MLA Indu Banjare said that contracts are being given to their loved ones in Jal Jeevan Mission. Low grade material is being used. The scam is at its peak.

PHE Minister Guru Rudra Kumar said that ENC will himself go to your assembly.

Indu Banjare said that irregularities have been done in Ripa’s work. I had also given application for investigation but no action was taken. If the government does the work of Ripa well, then it will sit in power again. The day the Energy Minister took charge, there was no electricity for 17 hours in my home village. The transformer in my assembly got damaged, but it was not fixed.

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