BJP’s attack on Congress, Raman Singh said – Not only TS Baba, Rahul Baba also comes, it will not make any difference…

Neha Kesarwani, Raipur. As the date of assembly elections is getting closer, the rhetoric of Congress and BJP leaders against each other is getting sharper. Former Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh said that if not only TS Baba, but also Rahul Baba is brought, there will be no difference in Chhattisgarh. The Congress is frantically talking about collective decision making.

Bharatiya Janata Party held an important meeting in BJP state office regarding Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s arrival in Chhattisgarh. Giving information about the program, former Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh said that on July 7 at 9.45 am, the Prime Minister will come to Modi. Apart from Bhoomipujan-inauguration programs, will address party workers.

He said that about 1.5 lakh workers from every corner of Chhattisgarh including Raipur, Durg-Bhilai, Kawardha Mungeli, Bilaspur will come for the meeting to be held at the Science College ground in Raipur. Prime Minister’s guidance will be given after the unprecedented success of one month public relations support campaign.

On the other hand, BJP state president Arun Saw told that the meeting has been held in view of the preparation of the Prime Minister’s proposed program on July 7. During this, in a discussion with the media, he said about the internal discord of the Congress that there is a constant quarrel between the Congress leaders. Unable to face the anger of the public, the Congressmen are doing such activities. Surely this quarrel will go on till the last.

He said that Bhupesh has lost trust, so TS Singhdev has been made Deputy Chief Minister. The Congress government is preparing to cheat the people of Chhattisgarh again, but the people of Chhattisgarh will not get trapped in this trick of the Congress party. The public has been cheated once, will not be cheated again and again. Congress will take leave.

Opposition will bring no-confidence motion in the assembly

Arun Sao said that the way Congress has cheated the public. The kind of corruption that has happened today. With development, every work is at a standstill, it is necessary to raise all those issues in the assembly, so through no-confidence motion, the issues of the public will be raised. He said that the Congress party is scared today. The people of Chhattisgarh have been cheated in four and a half years, in this panic the Congress party is doing such activities. The people of Chhattisgarh have decided that they will not be cheated again and again.

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