Boda sold for 2000 rupees kg: The most expensive vegetable boda of the season came in the markets of Bastar, you will also be surprised to know its benefits…

Kondagaon. As the most expensive vegetable of the season, Bastar’s popular boda was sold in the market today for Rs 2000 per kg. After a long wait, some rural women had brought the boda to sell in the market, the price of which was 2000 rupees per kg. When the sun sets after the rains, this boda emerges in the forests under the Sal trees. It has been raining for two days now, but the sunlight is less, so less boda is coming out of the forests. Due to this its cost is very high.

The wait for Chhattisgarh’s most expensive vegetable, Boda Bhaji, is over. This vegetable is now being sold in the markets of Bastar. This vegetable is being sold for two thousand rupees per kg. You will be surprised to know its benefits. This vegetable is available only during the rainy season. Especially this vegetable is found only in Bastar division. These days boda is being sold a lot in the markets of Kondagaon. Local people eat it with great fervor. Bastar residents wait a whole year for the dishes of Boda. It comes in the market during monsoon.

Chhattisgarhi Sabji Boda is the gift of rain

Boda is very special for the people of Bastar. As soon as the first shower of monsoon falls. Boda comes out from the dense forest of Bastar by tearing the ground. However, this year the price of Boda vegetable has increased. Boda is being sold in the vegetable market for Rs 2,000 per kg.

Boda Bhaji is rich in protein

Boda is very tasty to eat. Apart from this, plenty of protein, vitamins and minerals are found in boda. This is the reason why everyone wants to buy and eat this Boda vegetable even at an expensive price, because it comes in the market only once in a year and for a few days. Apart from this, there are many people of Bastar, who live in different states of the country, but as soon as the season of boda comes and boda is easily available in the market. In such a situation, they contact their family and get the boda brought to their home.

Know how boda grows

There are many Sal trees in Bastar. The boda comes out by tearing the ground under the Sal tree itself. In the autumn season, the leaves of the sal tree fall on the ground. When it rains and after a few days the sal leaves rot due to sunlight. They become moldy and take the form of lumps inside the ground. After a few days, the ground emerges and cracks occur in it, after which the villagers and local people dig the ground with a sharp object and take out the boda in the form of a lump in the ground. Take it to the market. When this vegetable is cooked, it becomes even tastier. People of Bastar wait for whole year for the taste of this vegetable. Then the taste of this vegetable is available in the rain.

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