Bollywood Actor Bobby Deol Love Story Wife Tanya Ahuja Marriage Love Life Unknown Facts

Bobby Deol Unknown Facts: The Deol family has been in limelight since the marriage of Sunny Deol’s son Karan Deol. Sometimes Dharmendra’s daughters are being discussed and sometimes his sons-in-law. Apart from this, one is eager to know the love story of his sons. In this episode, we have brought before you Bobby Deol’s love story, which is no less than a film story. Actually, Bobby married Tanya Ahuja, who belongs to a business family.

Bobby Deol was heartbroken at first sight

Bobby Deol, who played the magic of his acting in films like Gupta, Soldier, Barsaat and Badal, got more fame from the OTT platform. However, today we are not talking about Bobby’s career, but his love life. Please tell that Bobby Deol was married to Tanya Ahuja, on seeing whom Bobby Deol lost his heart. It so happened that Bobby had gone to a restaurant with some of his friends. Tanya also came there. There Bobby’s eyes fell on Tanya and his heart broke.

Bobby told his heart like this

Bobby lost his heart at once, but he did not have Tanya’s phone number. It is said that somehow Bobby juggled the numbers. However, when their conversation started, Tanya showed no interest. However, Bobby Deol did not give up. A few days later Bobby and Tanya met for the first time, after which a series of talks and meetings started. At the same time, Tanya and Bobby also started liking each other.

This is how Tanya was proposed

Please tell that when Bobby made up his mind to make Tanya his partner, he took her to the same restaurant where they had their first meeting. After listening to Bobby’s heart, Tanya also agreed for the marriage. Let us tell you that Tanya, who belongs to a business family, also runs home decorators by the name ‘The Good Earth’.

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