Bollywood Gossips Film Actress Nazima Shocking Story Dead Or Alive Know Real Story Unknown Facts

Nazima Unknown Facts: Born on 25 March 1948 in Nashik, Maharashtra, the real name of Bollywood actress Nazima was Mehr-un-Nisa. His grandmother Sharifa Bai was a famous actress of her time, while his aunt Husn Bano also showed the magic of her style on the silver screen. This was the reason that Najima got to taste cinema since childhood and she entered the film world.

Career started like this

According to media reports, Nazima started her film career as a child artist. At that time she was famous by the name ‘Baby Chand’. In fact, Nazima started her career during 1954 by playing the role of a child artist in the film ‘Biraj Bahu’. At the same time, in 1958 she appeared as an actress in the film ‘Princess Saba’ and in 1961 became the new star of the cinema world with the film ‘Umar Qaid’.

got fame by this name

Please tell that Nazima played an important role in Pramod Chakraborty’s film Ziddi (1964), which added to his fame. At the same time, he also showed his performance in Subodh Mukherjee’s April Fool (1964). Please tell that Najima appeared in supporting roles in almost all her films. She played the role of actor’s sister in most of the films, due to which she became famous as Bollywood’s ‘Resident Sister’.

When the news of Nazima’s death surfaced

You will be surprised to know that after working in many films, during the year 1975, Nazima suddenly disappeared from the screen. When searching on the internet about Nazima, news of her death at the age of just 27 appears. However, there is no concrete information about this. At the same time, in the episode of Tabassum Talkies, Tabassum informed about Nazima’s survival. He had told that the actress had married Arshul Rahman, who was a captain in the Navy. He has two children, who are married. Tabassum told in this video that Nazim’s husband Arshul Rahman had passed away in the year 2018. Now the question arises that if Nazima is alive then why did she not come in front of the media after reading the news of her death?

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