Bollywood Gossips When Aamir Khan Put His Life At Stake During Film Ghulam Train Stunt Scene

Aamir Khan Unknown Facts: Superstar Aamir Khan’s film Ghulam was one of the hit films of its time, whose story, star cast and his acting were appreciated by everyone. At the same time, the film’s song Aati Kya Khandala became very famous. You will be surprised to know that Aamir Khan put his life at stake for a scene in the film Ghulam. If he had missed even a little bit, he could have lost his life.

Aamir’s stunt was in discussion

Let us tell you that the train stunt scene of the film Ghulam was very much discussed. Actually, Aamir Khan did a very dangerous stunt by running in front of a train coming at high speed on the railway track. He jumps very close to the train and the train passes by. When Aamir saw her after the scene was shot, he too was shocked. After this, Aamir felt that if he was late even for a second, things could have gone wrong.

Aamir himself told the scary story

Let us tell you that a few years ago Aamir Khan participated in Pooja Bedi’s show Just Pooja. During that time he talked about this stunt scene of the film Ghulam. He told that this scene was very risky.

Aamir Khan had told, ‘The scene of the train was shot from three angles. Two angles were created through special effects, while the front angle was shot with the train. At that time I did not know anything. When I saw the scene during editing, I myself was nervous. Don’t know what would have happened if I had delayed 1.2 seconds in jumping from the track. You will be surprised to know that Aamir Khan took three takes to do that scene.

The director’s condition had worsened

Please tell that the film Ghulam was produced by Mukesh Bhatt, while its director was Vikram Bhatt. Mukesh Bhatt had told in an interview to Wild Films India that Aamir had done the train stunt himself. During the shooting, Aamir got into his character a lot. He even forgot that his life was at stake.

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